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Go-Studio Works
Go-Studio Works is the music Foundation of kfi4all World Venture where upcoming Artistes are offered free Recording Studio Sessions, Free Music Promotion, Marketing Support, Skills Development, local-national-international live concerts opportunity and Grammy Awards.
Website Services
Webhost is the place to get kfi4all Website Services like website creation, web hosting, site management, online security and seo activity at a very affordable prices. We work with our clients to get it done by their specifications. Contract us now with your next website project.
kfi4all Academy Centre
This Academic Centre is the place to learn stuff like website development, the art of making music, creative video production and lot more. kfi4all Academic Centre makes learning very easy and fun with illustrations, videos, articles, photos, evaluation plan and learning syllabus.
kfi4all Marketplace
kfi4all Marketplace is an online shopping centre for digital products like customized management software for learning Institutions, POS, Businesses, Banks, Churches, Hospitals, etc. Visit for a purchase. It is easy with secured payment gateway

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy your services?

The "MAKE PAYMENT" button on the home page will navigate you for payment details and alternative payment option. Click here to make payment now.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Bank details is available for mobile transfer or pay directly to the Bank.
PayPal payment gateway.
Payment with Credit Card (ATM Card Transfer).

Can I get lifetime support for my product?

Website Services have lifetime support. Academic learning is for a limited support. Go-Studio Works Foundation offers lifetime support. Lifetime support is also available for paid products.

Can I cancel my contract?

Please, read Terms of Service for clarifications and more.

Is this a secure site for purchases?

Yes! kfi4all payment gateway is truly secured.

Why are we so great?

1) kfi4all World Venture offers Help and Support to all upcoming Artistes in so many ways. 2) kfi4all Website is truly secured for online payment and money transfers. 3) Lifetime support is available to kfi4all Customers. 4) Free training services is available to kfi4all Students and instructors are available to paid Students. 5) You can do your bookings conviniently on kfi4all Website. 6) Customers can shop for kfi4all Products online.

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    +234(0) 8038606060 & +234(0) 8078585944

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    kfi4all World Venture® is located at Our Saviour's Anglican Church compound, Idumowu - Ebelle, Edo State, Nigeria, West-Africa.

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    Mon - Fri: 08:00 AM - 04:00 PM (GMT +1, Nigeria Time)

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