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Season's Greetings
You have come a long way to this New Year. May the joy of 2021 increase your potential to sing  professionally and productinely.

Wishing You A Robust New Year.
Have a fulfilled New Year.
Coming SOON!
2020/21 MUSIC
Single Artiste: 2,000.00 (NGN)
Band: 5,000.00 (NGN)
Saturday, January 23, 2021 (postponed)

Waiting for the event...

Go-Studio Works Music Audition
Give the Voice, Show the Moves and Offer overall Intuitive Performance!
Do your Studio Booking for Professional Result
kfi4all® is afordable for the single reason that we have every upcoming Artistes in mind; yet, kfi4all® Studios will not compromise - Clean, Quality and Professional results.

Bookings include a 2 Hour Quick-runtime, Half-Session and Full-Session.
Call +234(0) 8038606060 and +234(0) 8078585944.
What's app live Chat on 08038606060.
Send an email to info@kfi4all.com
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This is the official website of kfi4all World Venture with Audio Recording Studio, Academy for Practical Learning purposes, the Marketplace for digital Shopping, your WebStudio for website services, God's Business Network for the growing Christian Community and a Foundation for every upcoming Artistes.
kfi4all® got all you need to show  the world how creative you are. Someone so special like you can make life interesting and meaningful: by adding value to peoples lives and to keep your memory alive on the minds of countless generations with your voice, live concerts and exciting presentations. We know  you have many good things to offer the world. Welcome!


kfi4all World Venture® is opposite St Mark's Anglican Church, Agadaga - Okede, Ewohimi, Edo State, Nigeria.
+234(0)8038606060 and +234(0)8078585944.
Send email to "info@kfi4all.com" & Chat live with Whatsapp - 08038606060.
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